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Our Privacy Policy

Your data matters to us as much as it matters to you.
That is why “BusinessRail” as well as “CIC - Centro Internacional de Cultura” are committed to collect, use, treat and protect your data in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection (GDPR).
Reason why your consent is so important to us.

Herein you will have access to which information is gathered, what is used for, how it is treated, who has access to it as well as how is it stored and how is it lawfully processed?

Our Services aim to bring business people together, facilitating their access to each other. However, the information provided by you will be protected by us. From the moment you consent, all the way to revoking it.

Which information is gathered? Information such as name, e-mail, telephone, date of birth, id/Passport, company and position.

What is it used for? We collect the information for subscription, registration, marketing, advertisement and organizational purposes in order to send you information and newsletters regarding events and other aspects related to “BusinessRail” as well as, for example, issuing tickets and bookings necessary to participate in the “BusinessRail” experience.
Regarding payment purposes, this will be conducted by PayPal.

How it is treated and who has access to it? Your information shall be treated by “CIC - Centro Internacional de Cultura”, “BusinessRail” and shared to organizers and partners of “BusinessRail” for the purposes aimed by this experience, more concretely but not limited to, organizational purposes for issuing tickets (such as train tickets, bus tickets, among other ways of transportation) and bookings (for example hotel bookings or dinners reservations) required to participate in this event.

How is it stored? Business Rail uses a third party platform in order to gather and store your data.

How is it lawfully processed? First of all, consent. Your consent matters to us. Nonetheless, legitimate interests, contractual necessities, legal obligations as well as public and vital interests may be the legal base to process your data.

For further informations and/or questions feel free to contact us for enlightenment.

Welcome to the BusinessRail Experience,

The BusinessRail Team

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